How to be calmer and improve your music making — A Piano Teacher Writes…

In this guest post, music teacher and vocal coach Rosemary Wiseman introduces her book ‘Zoom88 – How to be calmer and improve your music making’ Recently I was reading in my journal about the first time I ever read a copy of Music Teacher magazine. It was while I was waiting for my interview for […]

How to be calmer and improve your music making — A Piano Teacher Writes…

I just ordered the book. When I’ve been able to put some of her principles into practice, I’ll come back and give it a review.

But for now, I ask you to read more from both Rosemary Wiseman and her host for this article, Francis Wilson.

Longevity — Piano Girl

I found this post a couple months ago, but have waited until now to share it. I saved it on purpose because in her poem, she is 51 years old, and this weekend I celebrate my 51st birthday. I too hope to be the “ninety-something grandma” in the nursing home who sits down to the piano and remembers the songs of her youth.

I have thought about this word many times in recent days. Longevity. I’ve often said I hope to be the ninety-something-year-old grandma playing the piano at the nursing home. My family usually chuckles or says, “I’m sure you will be!” Typically, we think of longevity in reference to long life. Obviously, I have no way […]

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Raise the Titanic — the paperback piano

Are you ready for another piano listening sample? Doesn’t Alex from The Paperback Piano do a great job at the piano? I enjoy both her performance style and her recordings.

Hey everyone! I nearly didn’t post a Music Monday today because the song this week is not well known AT ALL. But it was making me anxious to think of skipping a week so here it is for you after all! I recorded this one for my Nana as it’s one of her favourite pieces […]

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On Golden Pond — the paperback piano

Here is another gorgeous piano solo for your listening pleasure.

Today, I’ve got a lesser-known piece for you. It’s the main theme from the 1981 movie On Golden Pond, starring Katharine Hepburn, Henry Fonda and his daughter Jane. The film centres on an elderly couple living by a lake in New England, and it’s seriously gorgeous. The film’s soundtrack was […]

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I See The Light (Tangled) — the paperback piano

For today’s curated post I am sharing a piano music video. In fact, I’m going to do that for the next three weeks. Why not? 🙂

‘I See the Light’ was composed for the movie Tangled, a Disney adaptation of the story of Rapunzel and their 50th animated feature film. The song was written by Alan Menken, who composed many songs […]

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Zhu Xiao-Mei – The Secret Piano — Lady Fancifull

Mao, Tao, Bach and a Piano

I’m embarrassed, as a lover of classical music, not to have heard of the classical pianist Zhu Xiao-Mei, until very recently, coming by chance across her wonderful autobiography, The Secret Piano. Perhaps, given her history which is a history of her country in the latter half of the twentieth […]

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