Why kids don’t practice and what to do about it — 88 Piano Keys


This article is geared toward music teachers, and it is jam-packed with excellent advice and a lot of links to other articles as well. It almost makes me want to offer piano lessons again so I can put these principles into practice myself. But since that is a bit impractical at this time in my life, I thought I would simply share them with you.

This article is inspired by two things: 1. A captivating TED talk that addresses the “checklisted child” and the TWO things they need most from their parents. 2,588 more words

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Piano Passion — Tonya LaLonde

When I was younger, the Lord, art, and nature were my great passions. Not much has changed except that awkward 20-year phase where men snuck into that mix. I love my family now, adore my children, but more rare-for-this-season moments of passion still center around the Lord, art, nature and music. I love playing the […]

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Recycled Piano Becomes Upcycled Workbench — Hackaday

Pianos are free, in case you’re not hip to the exciting world of musical instrument salvage. Yes, the home piano, once the pinnacle of upper middle class appreciation of the arts, is no longer. The piano your great aunt bought in 1963 is just taking up space, and it’s not …read more

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Polaroids of Light and Sound / The Piano Sketches E.P. — JamesRadcliffe.com


I purchased his album and have already listened to the first track. It’s time to go move a couple pianos into my new, larger workshop. But when I return, I look forward to enjoying the rest.

Won’t you join me in sponsoring this fellow artist by reading and responding to his post, following him, purchasing his new album, or all of the above.

It is one of life’s ironies that, if you want freedom, you have to impose limits. Nowhere is this truer for me than in my work. Unlimited options often lead to paralysis, whereas the right limits, artfully imposed, allow creativity to flourish. It was with this in mind that, at the end of November last […]

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Flash Fiction: Wood Piano

What a beautiful old piano! And what a charming little story! Do take a minute to read this….

The Dark Netizen

It lay untouched by the entrance.

The eccentric restaurateur had purchased the wooden piano from the antique shop. He thought that it ornamentally fit in with his restaurant, The Musical Meal. After placing it by the entrance, he did not give it a second thought. He did not look at it until a few months later, when he heard a commotion outside the restaurant. He rushed outside to find a small crowd gathered. The people were all clapping and cheering for a ragged looking old man sitting at the wood piano, playing it.

As he played, flowers bloomed on it…

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 15 MARCH 2019

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Feeling Devastated, or, What My Piano Teacher Means to Me — The Bookshelf of Emily J.

It has been a rough week at my house, for several reasons, many of which I won’t write about. But yesterday a lot of emotions overflowed when I received a letter from my piano teacher, Kris Davis, the one who guided me through my adolescent years. More accurately, I received a letter from her husband. […]

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The Bible instructs us to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. This story caused me to do both. I wept for the grief that Emily, her teacher, and their families are going through, but I rejoiced in what God is doing in Emily’s life. What a vibrant testimony this young lady has for our Lord! And I am honored to share her story with you.

♫ Piano Man ♫ — Filosofa’s Word

Our friend Scottie mentioned this song in passing a few days ago, and ever since then I have had it weaving in and out of my head. So, exorcism time again … time for me to transfer the earworm from my head to yours. No no … no need to thank me … it’s my […]

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A friend of mine has taken several popular songs and written his own lyrics to their melodies. Someday I want to do that with this one, and take it out of the bar….

On the Waves of a Piano……. — Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Playing a symphony
On the waves of a Piano
Slender Fingers moving musically
Keys that danced to his touch
Creating notes of magical felicity
On rosettes and germaniums
Who sang his first song
Ecstatically flirting with joy
Rapturous love on his face
Sang to her sweet Loveliness
Every moment an upsurge
Whispering soft tunes of […]

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