Gallery of Piano Art

Welcome to Encore! Old Pianos with a New Song! Feel free to browse the gallery, and be sure to check out the blog, where you’ll find histories of various piano manufacturers, insider stories about how some of these piano art pieces were made, curated articles from my fellow bloggers, and more. I’m in the process of making my artwork available for purchase directly from this website. But in the meantime, please visit my Etsy shop or contact me directly if you live in the vicinity of Pensacola, FL. And if you like the content here, as well as the piano art I produce from discarded pianos, please consider making a donation to keep me working. Thank you for stopping by!


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Thank you very much! Paint supplies cost a lot of money, and with the onset of Covid-19, my opportunities for in-person sales have been reduced to zero. Your one-time contribution, which can help me continue to follow my passion, is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much! At this time I am investing in a fully-equipped workshop so I can do all my work in one place, which should substantially increase productivity. Your monthly contribution, which could go a long way toward helping me to that end, is greatly appreciated.

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“Andante” Piano Key Clock

“Keyed Up” Large and Small

Customizable “Middle C” — Keys framed with Keys

Customizable Hammer and Ebony Key Chains

“Harmony” made from backcheck and damper felts

Love Letters Series: “With You I Am Home,” “L♥VE,” and “I♥MUSIC”

“Piano Bouquet” and “Grand Piano Bouquet”

Christmas Decor: Ornaments, Trees, Wall Decor

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