Weekly Photo Challenge: Color Your World: Aquamarine

This week’s challenge comes from Tourmaline and is called Color Your World. The color for this week is aquamarine.

Cup of Tea blue (2)

The image above is called “Cup of Music,” and is made entirely from piano parts: washer, bushing, regulating (eyelet) screw, and damper spoon, all mounted on a block of wood from inside the piano.

Below is a piece that goes by two names. To most of the world it is “Ocean Sounds,” but in Florida it is called “Beach Blues.” This is a special hometown name that bears significance to the folks who live here.

Beach (1)

Thanks again to Cee Neuner for her amazing directory, “For the Love of Challenges.” For the record, Cee’s directory lists not only photo challenges, but also writing and music challenges as well, and they are grouped by category. It’s very well organized.