No More Pianos, Please

Recently I drove 300+ miles to pick up my final piano. It was my sister’s, and it refused to hold a tune, so I promised her I’d come for it and make something useful and beautiful out of it. But she had to wait several months before I was ready to add anymore piano parts to my already-filled-to-capacity workshop. She was patient, and now her living room has more space.

Over the years many people have donated their old, worn-out pianos to Encore, and I appreciate each one that has come my way. But this lady isn’t as young as she was when she started, and our back yard can’t hold a bigger workshop than the one we already have. So it’s time to say, “No more pianos, please!”

I’m putting it in writing so you all can hold me accountable. For, you see, I’ve said this before. In fact, I told my family that Piano #12 would be my last . . . and then I was offered an 1866 Steinway. Who can say ”no’ to a Steinway? Then came another cascade of offerings, and before long I had rescued 24 pianos from the landfill. My sister’s makes 25. And now I really do need to stop.

There is one instance in which I might would make an exception, and that is if another baby grand were to come my way . . . or, be still my soul, a square grand. In that case, once again, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to say ‘no.’

Just sayin’.

Would you?