Andante (Key Clock)

a wall clock with hours marked by various black and white keys, arranged either symmetrically or chromatically, all mounted on 17″ clear acrylic circle with piano screws, with a battery-operated clock mechanism in the center; approx. 24″ diameter

Much research preceded construction of my first clock. I knew I wanted to mount the keys onto clear plexiglass, but how? I went to the Internet for guidance, and I saw how easy it is to crack the plexiglass if you don’t do it right. Could I do it right? I’d never know if all I did was admire other people’s work. Finally one day I decided to quit watching YouTube demos and just do it. The only way to know if you can is to try, right? Well, it worked!

I designed the clock so that only the mechanism on the front need come down in order to replace the battery or change the time. Although each clock is made with the same process, the variety in keys (their age, color, composition, etc.) makes each clock unique.

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