Gallery of Piano Art

Welcome to my Gallery of Piano Art.

I have divided the pieces according to which part of the piano was used. You will notice some duplications of the photos, to indicate the use of multiple parts of the piano in some pieces. Also, a few of the items are shown again in the custom and seasonal sections. Finally, my gallery tour concludes with photos of some of the tired old pianos that have kindly donated their parts for the purpose of making meaningful art and memorabilia for artists all around the world.

Come back often, as I will be adding captions and photos as time permits….

Art Made with Keys

Beach (1)
“Beach Blues”

Art Made with Hammers

New - Grand Piano Bouquet
Grand Piano Bouquet

Art Made with Copper Strings

Sheet Music (19)
“Sheet Music” 18″ x 40″

Art Made with Other Action Pieces

Savanna Symphony 06a

Art Made from Piano Soundboard

SB Ring (2)

Art Made from Piano Cabinet Wood

Accentato (1)

Art Made from Other Instruments (Guitar)

Ps 34v3 (6)

Custom Pieces Made for Musicians

for birthdays, Christmas, retirement, graduation

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Custom Pieces Made for the Ivory (14th) Wedding Anniversary

Christmas Ornaments and Décor

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All photos copyright © 2019 Encore Enterprises

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